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Prangs, dents, scuffs, scratches...

..and more! You'll be surprised at just how much car body damage our mobile technicians can put right.

We can repair most metalwork or plastic on your vehicle as long as the damage hasn't affected the vehicle mechanically or compromised the chassis or framework (dents are ok, crumpled rear ends are not!).

So if your vehicle was stationary or moving at a low speed when it incurred the damage, there's a good chance we'll be able to repair its bodywork. If you were doing seventy when it happened then you'll need an accident repair centre.

People who use our mobile repair service have typically suffered damage caused by things like:

  • Another vehicle striking yours in a car park
  • Driving into another car
  • Hitting an inanimate object such as a gatepost or wheelie bin
  • Reversing into a supermarket car park bollard
  • Vandalism such as 'keying'
  • Objects falling against the vehicle in a garage or whilst parked

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